whmDynDns – Dynamic DNS Zone Updater for WHM


whmDynDns is a PHP script which takes advantage of the WHM JSON API in order to update DNS zone records for pointing subdomains to a server with a dynamic IP address. It can be run using CRON and based on your configuration will add/update A records when your public IP address changes.


Although I have my production websites hosted remotely I wanted to be able to point development versions to my Linux server hosted at home with a dynamic IP address. i.e. http://www.myapplication.com is hosted remotely but http://dev.myapplication.com is hosted on my own machine. After a little searching I found the WHM JSON API and had to have some fun with it!

Check it out on GitHub at:


3 comments on “whmDynDns – Dynamic DNS Zone Updater for WHM

  1. Shaun says:

    Just create a CNAME on DEV and point it to a DynDns hostname then you don’t need to do anything except ensuring that a DynDns client it running. I found running the client on your modem/router is out of site/out of mind as most seem to support it these days.

  2. Anthony Ho says:

    Not sure the difference between whm and cpanel. I am a java guy and I only have access to cpanel, so I did very similar thing in Java via cpanel JSON API. Hope it’s useful to people who don’t do scripts. 😉


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