Changing screen resolution in Windows 7 guest in VirtualBox

“Just a quick note to anyone our there as dim as I am..”

The Situation

Running a Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) guest using VirtualBox on Fedora 14 (64-bit) and my only display resolutions were 800×600, 1024×768, etc. Of course I want the proper settings for my widescreen but it took me a few minutes to figure it out.

The Fix

All I needed to do is install the “guest additions” package that comes with VitualBox. In my case it is mounted as drive D when logged into the Windows 7 virtual machine but it may be different for others. It can be configured under the VM > Settings > IDE Controllers.

Yep.. pretty darn easy.. but it took me a few minutes of googling to figure it out so I thought I’d put it out there!

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