Dropbox on Fedora 14 w/ SELinux hack

So you’re cruising along getting your new Fedora 14 install all updated then you go to install your Dropbox and BAMMM! ERROR!

You see something like this:
SELinux is preventing /home/nomsalis/.dropbox-dist/dropbox from making the program stack executable.
Long story short.. it’s a known issue with the Dropbox source and the updated SELinux security policies.

Basically, the one thing you shouldn’t do is disable SELinux! You silly rabbit you..

Just run this instead:
cd .drobpox-dist/
execstack -q _ctypes.so X _ctypes.so
execstack -c _ctypes.so
execstack -q _ctypes.so - _ctypes.so

You should be all set!

I’m not too clear on the details but you can read a little more about it here:


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